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All about sending gifts to China

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How to Buy Wine to Send Gifts to China

If you know someone, maybe a friend, a relative or a family member who loves wine but are currently living overseas like Australia or China, you probably want to look for ways on how you can send them their favourite bottles of wine. If you want to buy wine to send gifts to China for your loved ones, you can do so. You just have to know the process on how to do it.

Shipping Laws

Before you go and buy wine bottles and place an order from a wine seller, you have to research well about the shipping laws in China. You have to know the basic laws and rules as well as restrictions. Also, you have to check the courier of your contact wine shop. Common couriers include FedEx, DHL, UPS, etc.

Keep on mind that there may be certain requirements and restrictions if you will be shipping wine to China. Also, you have to take note of the allowed quantity or weight of the package that you are planning to send to China.


If you are on a budget, you can save money by contacting a wine seller online. Most of the time, if you will buy more quantities of wine or if you will shop in bulk, you can save money when it comes to shipping. Some companies offer free shipping when your order meets a certain quantity.

Aside from the cost of each bottle, make sure to check if you need to pay for shipping fees or courier charges. If you are not sure, you can ask your wine company about this.

Wine Seller/ Wine Retailer

It’s important that you order your bottles of wine from a credible source. There are a lot of wine sellers online which offers similar products almost all of them can offer red wines white wines, and other blends. Just make sure that they have the license to operate and they own business certificates and high quality product guarantees. You can check their about page or their company information which is usually found somewhere on their website.

Here are other factors that you need to check before buying wine as gifts:

Quality- Before looking at the cost, you should check the quality of the wine bottles that you will be purchasing. You have to make sure that the available products on the particular store that you will be purchasing from have high quality. You can check out the region where the wine was manufactured; the year when the wine was created; what type of berries have been used; what particular process of wine-making have been used, etc.

Storage Process- You should also research if the wine seller has a high quality storage area or wine cellar which maintains an ideal temperature for the wine bottles. The overall taste of the wine is greatly affected by the temperature during its storage process. Too much heat or constant changes in temperature might spoil the wine and might ruin the taste of the product.